Blockchain Gamer Connects - Lessons for marketing your blockchain game

Raising funds remains one of the fundamental challenges that besets blockchain game developers since the beginning. We’ve seen a number of ambitious projects struggle and eventually come to an end through ICOs. Examples that we’ve seen include the likes of Parsec Frontiers, which began its ICO over 2018. It was during this time that it became one of our most anticipated games of that year. It wasn’t until later that we, along with a number of its investors, were surprised by the announcement of

Creating a truly interoperable game with Cocos-BCX

If there’s anything more challenging than launching a successful game, it’s piecing its together during the design phase. It’s with that in mind that we ought to mete out some respect for those attempting to do so while incorporating blockchain technology. During our time at Blockchain Gamer Connects London, developers from all scales were in consensus about the need for effective all-in-one platforms. Not only to create a streamlined environment for game design, but also to allow for intuitive

Waves extends its game line-up with Fhloston Paradise

Games take inspiration, and developers draw on it from every which way. For the development team – Tradisys – its latest game takes a lot away from the art style of the Fifth Element. The end result is the cyberpunk game, Fhloston Paradise, the newest game to hit the Waves Platform. As a decentralized solution, Waves has under the radar in comparison to TRON. Steadily increasing its number of users while hosting an all-in-one solution of its own for game development and token creation. While

Delving into Enjin's multiverse with CTO Witek Radomski

Our universe is expansive and ever-growing. For some, that’s a source of apprehension. For others, excitement. At least for gaming, it’s the latter. And with Enjin’s announcement that it’s creating its own gaming multiverse, we spoke to Witek Radomski, the company’s CTO about what it means for the gaming world. During the discussion, Radomski talks about how relationships that users and developers have with blockchain is changing.

Apple immediately orders Coinbase to remove War Riders

While War Riders continue to experience success with its ongoing vehicle sale, its recent success in being added to Coinbase‘s digital wallet was a short-lived one. An announcement made by Coinbase on August 31st directed to Cartified, the company behind War Riders, that the digital wallet would be removing the game from its app. The reason for the removal was alleged to be due to the fact that War Riders was the only app that sold NFT’s through the wallet.

The Forge Arena announces 'strategic partnership' with WAX & OPSkins

Both WAX and OPSkins are entering into a strategic partnership with The Forge Arena, a competitive, 5v5 First Person Shooter. The announcement was posted by The Forge Arena CEO, Artur Minacov on August 20th. Minacov continues in the comments of his Twitter to provide additional details, mentioning that users will be able to sell on their existing skins while also buying and applying WAX / OPSkins decals to their in-game weapons.

Bringing monster battles to life with Etheremon & VR

Virtual reality, according to Philip Rosedale, has a much larger market that it can appeal to. And one of the ways that it’s being put to use is through Etheremon, the blockchain-based game inspired by Pokémon. But unlike its muse, Etheremon has its eyes on other ways to immerse its players in the experience. In an interview with Nedrick Ngo, the co-founder of Etheremon, Ngo highlighted the progress that’s already been made with the game, while indicating the optimistic use of Virtual Reality

9 Lives Arena is set to start its Kickstarter campaign

9 Lives Arena is set to start its Kickstarter campaign Kickstarter, especially in recent memory, has been the starting point for some great games. Among newly starting Kickstarter campaigns, Touchhour is expected to begin fundraising for its latest game, 9 Lives Arena, a 1v1 fantasy RPG. In its recent Medium post, the development team announced that the campaign would commence on September 11th 2018.

Real time strategy game Hash Rush partners up with WAX & OPSkins

The blockchain gaming world just got a little more connected. It’s been announced that Hash Rush, the real-time strategy game, will be partnering up with the digital asset marketplaces, WAX and OPSkins, providing players with another way to trade the in-game items they earn. In Hash Rush, players compete against others in establishing mining colonies to extract crystals, earning cryptocurrency and various rewards like new skins and skill boosts. According to Kristaps Vaivods, Hash Rush’s CEO

Why Lucid Sight rejected Loom and Enjin side-chains and took MLB Crypto Baseball gameplay off-chain

Why Lucid Sight rejected Loom and Enjin side-chains and took MLB Crypto Baseball gameplay off-chain Lucid Sight is pulling out the stops for its games. Along with the ongoing development of Cryptic Conjure, which it’s publishing, its team has been working on bringing Major League Baseball to blockchain. While it’s alleged that the game will be released in conjunction with the 2018 MLB season, the date remains uncertain. Meanwhile, according to its Medium blog, Lucid Sight discussed some of it

Triple play: How VReS is looking to combine VR, esports and blockchain

Triple play: How VReS is looking to combine VR, esports and blockchain From the early sizzle of Oculus and Vive’s hardware announcements to disappointing sales, the trajectory of VR technology in recent years has been exciting if uncertain. But that’s not to say plenty of companies aren’t looking to innovative in the sector, which brings us to Japanese outfit VReS. It hopes to become a major player in the market, bringing together virtual reality, esports and blockchain technology.

Iran Is 'Preparing Ground' for State-Backed Cryptocurrency to Dodge Sanctions

According to a local Iranian news channel Press TV, the government of Iran is laying the groundwork for its state-backed cryptocurrency which officials believe will allow Iran to circumvent the sanctions placed on the country by the US since 1979. The topic of a state-backed cryptocurrency has been on the government’s agenda since April after concerns were raised over whether President Trump would re-impose sanctions.

Ultra hires ex-Googler Edward Moalem as CSO

Estonian blockchain game distribution platform Ultra has added to its management team. Previously senior director of content acquisition at Google, where he initiated and brokered the acquisition of in-game advertising company Adscape, Edward Moalem has joined taking up the position of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Working as Ultra’s new CSO, Moalem will be responsible for building and improving relationships Ultra has with game developers, publishers and influences in the blockchain gaming sp
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